- Richard, Scottsdale, AZ

Artistic Aquariums designed and installed our aquarium back in 2002, and has maintained it over these last eleven years. It has been an amazing experience. The tank has alway been the focal point of our office and gets comments virtually everyday. They have taken care of it like it was their own tank and I've always been pleased with the service we've experienced. If you want to experience the joys of having your own aquarium, with the least amount of hassle,there is simply no other choice than Artistic Aquariums.

- Brandon, Phoenix, AZ

I have been a customer of Artistic aquarium for over 12 years. They are very professional and respect their customers homes as well as their inhabitants. We have 2 small children that always get excited when the fish guy is coming. Even if we are not home Artistic Aquarium has the authority to gain access to our home for service. The only way we know that they were there is our service report. The designs that Erik does in our tank are amazing and we regularly receive compliments on our tank. I have recommended their services to many people who have been just as pleased as I am. Thank you Erik for your outstanding service.

- Stan, Phoenix, AZ

I had a supplier recommend Erik to me when I was setting up my aquarium. He has provided service and maintenance for my aquarium for going on 15 years. I know him to be honest and provide excellent service. I have had fish that have out grown my 150 gallon salt water aquarium because they have done so well. It would be my privilege and honor and to recommend Erik and Antonia Matthaeus for you aquarium installations and maintenance.

- Jack, Scottsdale, AZ

Thank you for everything, we really love your service and depend on your Company to take care of our four tanks, three salt water and one fresh water.It has been a great five years working with you and your team, with many more years to come in the future. Also, Erik we truly appreciate the "emergency service" calls you have made to our house, several times over the past five years. I especially remember that call we made to you at midnight several years ago, you were at our house in 40 minutes. With four tanks, things happen, even with your great, monthly service plan. Thank you Erik, and to your team for everything!

- Joseph, Phoenix, AZ

After Three and a half years of companies promising good service, which I never received. I finally found Artistic Aquariums. A company that provides great service and actually has a checklist they follow every week, something no one else has ever done. I no longer have to worry about my fish and feel the need to make sure that I am there to supervise the maintenance. Our aquarium looks the best it ever has and the fish look better than ever!

- Steve, Scottsdale, AZ

Erik and the crew have been an enormous help - always there to answer questions or give sage advice. Always punctual and not once have I ever had one issue with their service or performance/pricing. I could not rate them higher and would recommend them to everyone I know.

- Jennifer, Tempe, AZ

Our aquarium is the centerpiece of our waiting room, and has been kept beautiful for more than 15 years by Artistic Aquariums. Erik is truly an artist, and not only creates a stunning arrangement, but also keeps our fish happy and healthy. All we have to do is remember to feed them!

- Kurt, Fountain Hills, AZ

Erik and his crew at Artistic Aquariums originally set up my aquarium in 2002 and have been servicing it ever since. As an owner of several businesses, I travel extensively and it is great to know my aquarium will be looking good and the fish will be healthy when I get home. The service has always been very professional, dependable, and trustworthy.

- Matthew, Maricopa, AZ

Artistic Aquariums has been maintaining our tanks for several years. They are very professional, well organized with scheduling, work quickly, and very knowledgable about saltwater and fresh water tanks, and fish. We have never lost any fish we purchased from them, due to their expertise. It's great to have found a company that always has time to answer any Aquarium questions you have. They replace corals for cleaning, and their coral and plant set-up is truly a work of Art. We highly recommend their service.

- James, Scottsdale, AZ

I have been here in the valley for 8 years and have had 4 different service companies. I was never happy with any of them, as they were never able to get my tank "right". The fish would continually die, year after year. As I was about to give up and get sell off my tank, I was introduced to Artistic Aquariums, Inc.. They show up on time, take pride in their service, and reworked my tank to make it sustainable for the fish. I have not had any issues in the year that they have been working with me. Erik and his crew do an amazing job, and I would not have any hesitation to recommend them as the premier aquarium company in the valley! As I am a business owner, I would be ecstatic if my employee's level of service was of this quality.